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Liquid Limit Device with counter




Sub Category:

Soil Index Properties, Liquid Limit

Product Group:

Hand-Operated Liquid Limit Devices

Grooving Tools ASTM type; plastic; pkg. of 10 (included).
ASTM D4318 Yes
Description Liquid Limit Device with counter


CupSpun brass; pin and slot mounting.
BaseMolded hard rubber.
CamMolded, self-lubricating plastic.
CounterRecords number of cup drops.
Grooving ToolsASTM type; plastic; pkg. of 10 (included).
WeightNet 5-1/4 lbs. (3.6 kg).

Model EI24-0437 shown. Optional Grooving tool (EI24-0461) required to meet AASHTO specifications; not included, order separately

ASTM Plastic Grooving Tools


Inexpensive enough to be disposable. Plastic construction — won’t rust. Precision-moulded to conform to ASTM standards. 1 cm gage block located at end of handle. The Plastic Grooving Tool is used to control the width of the soil groove in the liquid limit cup. With traditional metal grooving tools, the…

Brass Cup


With mounting holes.

Motorized Liquid Limit Device


Motorized for greater uniformity of test procedure. Mechanical counter automatically records number of cup drops. Includes ten precision molded Plastic ASTM Grooving Tools. Optional Grooving Tool available for testing to AASHTO standards. The Motorized Liquid Limit Device eliminates many human variables in classification testing. It allows the operator to more…